Aims and Purposes

The company’s purpose, as set out in the objects contained in the Articles, is to promote and facilitate the playing of Walking Football in england as a unique amateur sport in all parts of the United Kingdom for the purpose of recreation, physical exercise and competition.

The stated mission of the Walking Football Association is “To raise the profile of Walking Football in England as a unique amateur sport, as well as throughout the UK, to promote participation in the sport, inspiring activity, seeking to have an impact on physical and mental wellbeing, and maintain a high standard of competitive play leading to success on the national and international stage.”


  • Launched in December 2016
  • The only National Governing Body (NGB) for walking football in England
  • Inspiring safe & social activity
  • Run by active passionate playing WF aficionados
  • Registered as a “not-for-profit” Company
  • Signed up to the SRA Voluntary Code of Governance
  • Key priorities include the eradication of running and the reduction of the over physicality currently in the sport, and the establishment of specialist WFA referees.


If you would like to help us in the development of the game on a volunteer basis please contact

walking football in England

Paul Carr

Chief Executive & Founder

walking football in England

Brendan Flood

Non-Executive Chairman

walking football in England

John Croot

Non-Executive Director

walking football in England

Bill Goreham

Head Of Referee Development

walking football in England

Nick Johnson

Head of Communications

walking football in England

John Garrett

Referees admin manager

walking football in England

Uriah Reannie

Referees Adviser

walking football in England

Ruth Tongue

Pilates & Nutrition

walking football in England

Ken Davies

Head of Marketing


Based on Sport England’s / UK Sport’s “A Code for Sport Governance” issued in April 2017, we can confirm WFA compliance in the following key areas:


The WFA has a clear and appropriate governance structure, led by a Board which is collectively responsible for the long-term success of the organisation and exclusively vested with the power to lead it. The Board is properly constituted, and operates effectively.


The WFA’s policy is to recruit and engage people with appropriate diversity, independence, skills, experience and knowledge to take effective decisions that further the organisation’s goals.


The WFA aim to be transparent and accountable, engaging effectively with Stakeholders and nurturing internal democracy.


The WFA is committed to uphold high standards of integrity, and engages in regular and effective evaluation to drive continuous improvement.


The WFA complies with all applicable laws and regulations, undertakes responsible financial strategic planning, and has appropriate controls and risk management procedures.